Founding a New Lobbying Firm in Washington DC

Founding a New Lobbying Firm in Washington DC

After 15 years working with a leading lobbyist firm in DC, I had cut my teeth, proven my value, and created a way of doing things that was unique to me, worked for our projects, and paid dividends to the clients I managed.

That solid business practice became a philosophy, an approach to navigating the challenges of lobbying government, and increasingly, it became the idea for Hamm Consulting Group.

Starting a new firm is no easy thing. Alongside all of the practical issues such as incorporation, finding great staff, handling a mountain of new compliance forms, you also have a break from working habits – which is a blessing ultimately, but a challenge nonetheless. I was fortunate enough to have the support and backing of my former employer and colleagues, and importantly, past clients. Equally important, although in a very different way, is the support from family and friends. As an entrepreneur starting out fresh after a long and stable career, no-one will tell you its the absolute right move. No-one can tell you that it will all be ok.

Two years later and things are ok! Better than ok actually – despite a tumultuous few years of economic uncertainty and no small amount of change in Washington DC, an ethical lobbying firm such as Hamm Consulting Group is still the smartest and most efficient way for groups to make themselves heard above the noise of our Capitol’s daily grind.

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