Department of Labor Announces $100 million American Apprenticeship Initiative

Department of Labor Announces $100 million American Apprenticeship Initiative

Scope:  The  Labor  Department’s  Employment  and  Training  Administration  (ETA)  is  seeking  applications for the American Apprenticeship Initiative to provide a catalyst in supporting a uniquely American  Apprenticeship  system  that  meets  the  country’s  particular  economic,  industry  and  workforce needs. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has announced $100 million to expand registered  apprenticeship  programs  in  high-­‐skilled,  high-­‐growth  industries  like  health  care,  biotechnology, information technology and advanced manufacturing.

DOL  says  investment  will  help  to  transform  apprenticeships  for  the  21st  century  and  serves  as  a  catalyst to increase the use of apprenticeships to meet employer needs in these sectors. U.S. DOL Secretary  of  Labor  Thomas  E.  Perez  sees  an  apprenticeship  as  the  other  4-­‐year  degree  and  a  sustainable job training strategy that offers a reliable path to the middle class, with no college debt.

Deadline: April 30, 2015

Funds: Approximately $100 million for up to 25 awards of up to $5 million. The project period of performance may be up to 60 months in duration.

Eligible  Applicants:  Applications  must  include  at  least  one  entity  from  the  private  sector  (i.e.,  a  business,  a  consortium  of  businesses,  business-­‐related  nonprofit  organization,  or  a  private organization functioning as a workforce intermediary for the express purpose of serving the needs of businesses)  and  the  public  sector  (i.e.,  community  colleges,  local  and  state  governments,  other  nonprofit  organizations.  the  workforce  investment  system,  or  DOL-­‐recognized  state  apprenticeship agency).

Requirement: DOL has stated that successful applicants will develop registered apprenticeship programs that align with other postsecondary education and create career pathways to long-term careers, as well as encourage greater access to apprenticeship opportunities for historically underrepresented populations including women, young men and women of color, people with disabilities, and veterans and transitioning service members.

DOL-­‐ETA  said  projects  must  focus  on  helping  more  employers  and  workers  participate  in  American  Apprenticeships within industries and occupations for which employers are using H-­‐1B visas to hire foreign workers, such as information technology, and/or other high-­‐growth  industries including but  not  limited  to  advanced  manufacturing,  business  services  and  health  care;  and  the  types  of  high demand skill sets (e.g., digital and information technology skills) now required across most industries.

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