DOJ Releases Body Worn Camera Grant Solicitation

DOJ Releases Body Worn Camera Grant Solicitation

Friday, May 1, 2015, Washington DC

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) today released an FY 2015 grant solicitation for state and local law enforcement agencies the Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Pilot Implementation Program.  The BWC solicitation will provide fiscal support to help law enforcement agencies develop, implement and evaluate body-worn camera programs across the United States.  The $17 million BWC program is one tool in a law enforcement agency’s comprehensive problem-solving approach to enhance officer interactions with the public and build community trust.   BJA expects to make up to 50 awards to law enforcement agencies, with about one-third of the grants directed toward agencies with less than 250 officers.

While BWC equipment may be purchased under this program, successful applicants must demonstrate a commitment and adherence to a strong BWC policy framework, including comprehensive policy adoption and requisite training. Successful applicants will be responsible for a mandatory 50 percent in-kind or cash match. Additionally, the continuity of long-term costs, such as storage fees, will be the responsibility of agencies. In addition to the 50 awards, $2 million will  go toward establishing a BWC Training and Technical Assistance Center, funded through a competitive process, focusing on agencies developing and enhancing their BWC programs. The Center will also provide national resources on BWC topics and address concerns related to the program.

BJA will also launch a BWC Implementation Toolkit in May, designed as an online resource for stakeholders. The toolkit will focus on implementation requirements, retention issues, policy concerns, interests of prosecutors, victim and privacy advocates’ concerns, along with community engagement and funding considerations.

OJP’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) will receive $1 million of the funds to collect data on body-worn camera usage through surveys of law enforcement agencies. BJS will also design instruments that can be used in future surveys of prosecutors and public defenders about the impact of body-worn cameras.

The solicitation along with a press release and fact sheet are attached.

Body Worn Camera Fact Sheet
DOJ Press Release

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