HAMM Consulting Group Hired By Cincinnati Park Board To Complete Downtown Riverfront Redevelopment Project

HAMM Consulting Group Hired By Cincinnati Park Board To Complete Downtown Riverfront Redevelopment Project

October 8, 2015
Washington, D.C.

Ron Hamm, President of the federal lobbying and strategic consulting firm Hamm Consulting Group (HCG) announced today that his firm, along with his strategic partner Bill Hanka of Hanka Advisor, have been hired by the Cincinnati Park Board to complete work on the $200 million Smale Riverfront Park Project in downtown Cincinnati.

Ron and Bill have worked on the Smale Riverfront Park Project since 2004 as part of their federal lobbying contract with the City of Cincinnati and have been responsible for designing a federal strategy to obtain more than $15 million in federal planning, engineering, design, and construction authorizations and appropriations, including a federal “new start” under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which has leveraged nearly $100 million in state and local funding for this notable urban economic redevelopment project.

Ron stated that he is honored and extremely appreciative for the opportunity to partner directly with the Cincinnati Park Board to complete such a transformational project,” which is now approximately 75% finished. In 2015, 9 ribbon cuttings on key elements of the project were hosted along with the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star game that was played at Great American Ball Park, the home of the Cincinnati Reds, located within the project area.

Ron added, “With my long-time good friend and strategic partner Bill Hanka, I look forward to continuing our effective work with Park Board Director Willie Carden and his excellent team to complete what is certainly the most beautiful, diverse, and innovative new riverfront development in the nation.”

Ron has 20 years’ experience as a lobbyist and strategist in Washington, D.C., specializing in higher education, economic redevelopment, housing and community development, transportation, infrastructure projects, and technology.

For more information on HCG or to contact Ron Hamm, please call 202-596-8384 or email Ron at rhamm@hammconsulting.warnholz.pro.