City Project

CAMPAIGN // HCG worked with a city to develop and implement a successful legislative strategy and campaign centered around regional economic development driven by the redevelopment of the downtown riverfront and the leveraging of the city’s significant cultural history.

RESULT ACHIEVED // HCG, the city, and the congressional delegation worked to secure close to $20 million in federal funding for various projects, federal law that allowed the city to create the first National Park Service Heritage Area west of the Mississippi River in 2000, and a federal law that provided for a land exchange with the U.S Bureau of Reclamation to facilitate a successful $80 million downtown/riverfront development project.

Community College Project

CAMPAIGN // HCG worked with a community college to execute and advocate strategy on Capitol Hill and federal agencies of interest to garner support for the institution’s development of a center focused on training in applied forensics, cyber crime, and cybersecurity.

RESULT ACHIEVED // HCG assisted in collecting discretionary and competitive funding of more than $1.42 million for facility development, infrastructure, and curriculum development.

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