Communication and Reporting

Communication with our clients is a key component of our Washington representation. Our client activity reports are customized and highly dependent on the needs and preferences of individual clients.  The City’s client managers will work with City officials to establish the most ideal form and schedule of communications. Regular updates on key issues and projects will be provided through telephone calls, emails and memorandum.  Clients receive the HCG Weekly Washington in 1 Minute Update as well as the HCG Grants Opportunity Alert that is provided monthly. We also encourage our clients to visit our site for funding, legislative, and regulatory updates and @hammconsulting on Twitter for updates on an array of federal developments and issues.

HCG will also connect our clients with subject-matter experts that include federal officials and other key experts, on a variety of legislative issues and funding opportunities that are important to our municipal clients.  One of our major objectives is to help clients understand and navigate the parameters of major federal grant programs. We utilize meetings, videoconferences, and conference calls to provide insight into federal programs and strategies for increasing the competitiveness of client applications.

Whatever your level of involvement, our approach is consistently professional, value-oriented and at all times personal.

We expertly formulate and execute strategies to secure federal funding, legislation, and regulatory changes that support client priorities.

We make sure that your organization has the right strategy and talent to successfully engage federal opportunities.

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