Competitive Grant Services

HCG recognizes the significance of federal competitive grants as a critical funding source and implements a collaborative client based approach that focuses strategic campaigns for winning federal grants. Recent Client successes include City of Cincinnati, City of Memphis, TN California State University, Fullerton, Lansing Community College, and West Valley City, UT in the areas of arts, broadband, community development, education, environment, healthcare, public safety, and transportation.

Major grant campaigns require an effective strategy and broad teamwork to compile extensive, complicated content and craft an effective, focused response. HCG collaborates with clients on the content generation process and manages the final implementation to ensure that the proposal is properly framed, thoroughly responsive and provides the strongest case for winning an award.

HCG has substantive expertise in working with clients to create successful grant proposals. We have helped clients realize significant value through grants in areas including defense, education, energy, community development, healthcare, broadband, and transportation.

HCG engages in a number of activities to ensure that clients are actively engaged in the Federal agency competitive grant apparatus.


Meets annually with clients to get a sense of the needs, opportunities, and objectives that are present;

Organizes client needs into a prioritized strategic government affairs action plan that identifies federal priorities and agenda annually and provides a roadmap for federal advocacy.

On an ongoing basis, HCG:

Monitors Federal agency grant publications and announcements;

Provides clients with relevant grant alerts;

Fields inquiries on grant programs of interest to clients; when necessary organizes grants conference calls and/or meetings with relevant agency program officers and assists with grant strategy and writing;

Generates letters of support from a client’s Congressional delegation in support of high-priority grant applications;

Monitors the particular grant application process so as to provide clients with programmatic updates and announcements of awards; and,

Works with a client to obtain reviewer feedback (if not provided by the agency) and to plan strategically for resubmission in a subsequent grant cycle or repackaging for submission to a related grant program in situations where a grant is not awarded.

Once the City has submitted a grant application or developed a legislative proposal, our follow up advocacy ensures that federal policymakers and bureaucrats alike give the City’s projects their fullest consideration. In a time when more local governments are applying for federal grant funding, targeted and strategic advocacy work can be the difference between a project that receives funding and one that is highly ranked but unfunded. By helping to coordinate support from the City’s Congressional delegation, as well as meetings or conference calls with key Administration officials, HCG has the relationships and strategic vision to successfully advocate for City priorities.

Whatever your level of involvement, our approach is consistently professional, value-oriented and at all times personal.

We expertly formulate and execute strategies to secure federal funding, legislation, and regulatory changes that support client priorities.

We make sure that your organization has the right strategy and talent to successfully engage federal opportunities.

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