Federal Business Development

HCG’s experience as a lobbyist to higher education institutions and a consultant to private sector firms engaged in partnerships on federal research work through the Department of Defense enables our firm to help public and private sector entities advance their federal business development and contracting objectives. We concentrate on providing a mutually-agreed scope of work that include details of the services to be provided, fees, timeframe, terms and termination instructions. Knowing the ideal timing for federal funding and who to talk with about client services and capabilities is essential in serving clients seeking federal opportunities.

We also invest in services that allow us to track federal contracting opportunities and to aggressively perform detailed searches to identify current funding vehicles that would allow our clients serving as prime contractors or subcontractors to provide services to the federal government and to be compensated accordingly. HCG worked successfully to secure funding through the Department of Defense for Alabama A&M University Research Institute and California State University Fullerton. We pride ourselves on a federal business development practice built on trust, competency, and accountability.

Whatever your level of involvement, our approach is consistently professional, value-oriented and at all times personal.

We expertly formulate and execute strategies to secure federal funding, legislation, and regulatory changes that support client priorities.

We make sure that your organization has the right strategy and talent to successfully engage federal opportunities.

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