Higher Education

HCG’s knowledge of higher education, work with institutions of higher education and strong long term relationships with members of the California congressional delegation and contacts within the Trump Administration, coupled with a well-planned and executed legislative strategy, allow us to significantly enhance the our higher education clients’ ability to attain its financial, policy, and programmatic goals.  We have assisted clients in securing federal funding across various federal agencies, advancing internship opportunities, and enhancing their profiles with federal agencies.

HCG will continue to work in partnership with clients to enhance their understanding of and competitiveness for significant grants, contracts, and other federal funding to support key programmatic and academic infrastructure needs, the development of programs that support career opportunities in high wage, high job growth sectors, economic development, and other priority issues.  We also will collaborate with the higher education clients and their congressional delegation to advance favorable policy outcomes and conversely defeat legislation and/or regulations that create potentially adverse impacts on clients and their partners.

Whatever your level of involvement, our approach is consistently professional, value-oriented and at all times personal.

We expertly formulate and execute strategies to secure federal funding, legislation, and regulatory changes that support client priorities.

We make sure that your organization has the right strategy and talent to successfully engage federal opportunities.

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