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HCG has worked with federal agencies, including the Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Interior’s National Park Service and Bureau of Reclamation to secure funding for client projects, obtain regulatory relief, and broker beneficial discussions between clients and federal agencies to advance mutually beneficial objectives.  

Cincinnati Smale Riverfront Park (Cincinnati, Ohio) – Flood Mitigation


HCG has worked closely with the City of Cincinnati Parks and has been instrumental to the process of obtaining federal authorizations and appropriations – including a federal Army Corps “new start” for the $180 million Smale Riverfront Project in downtown Cincinnati.  In March 2014, they authored a strategy to obtain the remaining $4 million in direct appropriations to complete the project’s $30 million federal authorization through placement of the request in the Army Corps’ FY2014 supplemental work plan to support bank stabilization, crucial erosion control, flood mitigation, and ecosystem restoration portions of the project. In 2016,   Hamm Consulting Group worked work with Hanka Advisor, the Cincinnati Park Board, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and members of the Cincinnati congressional delegation to secure a $30 million funding authorization to help complete the final phase of the John G. and Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park.

In 2017, NCG worked with the Alliance of National Heritage Areas, including our client, the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area to gain relief from a U.S. Department of Interior directive requiring that every contract with the agency above $100,000 be reviewed to ensure that the expenditure meets agency fiscal requirements.  Without relief, National Heritage Areas would have been adversely impacted financially resulting in some of the entities losing their ability to operate. We also secured increased funding and language in the pending FY 2018 Senate Interior Appropriations bill that  supports a funding formula equity plan agreed upon by the Alliance of National Heritage Areas.

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