Public Safety and Law Enforcement

HCG has expertise in Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) programs, which provide funding for local governments. Our work is focused on assisting our clients in the preparation of grant applications and developing working relationships with key DOJ and DHS officials

City of Memphis, TN – Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI)


HCG worked with the City to address its untested sexual assault kit backlog issue that impact its efforts to apprehend and prosecute dangerous offenders of pending cases.  Initially we contacted and met with Department of Justice officials to make them aware of this problem and to propose that Memphis serve as a demonstration project for the Department to address a national problem.  

After learning that this was not a possibility, we asked the Memphis delegation to support funding for a competitive grant program to support the City’s efforts. The City of Memphis applied and was awarded a National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI), grant of  $1,909,124 administered by the Department of Justice to address the City’s backlog of untested rape kits following a successful grant application filed by the City. It is important to note that the These funds come through the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI), a program created after the City’s Congressman successfully led the efforts to increase federal rape kit funding by an additional $5 million during last year’s budget negotiations.  

City of Cincinnati  – Addressing Gun Violence and Increasing Visibility in Neighborhoods


When funding became available through the Department of Justice’s COPS Hiring Recovery Program to hire and retain police officers, we advised the Cincinnati Police Department that this opportunity would provide resources to reduce violence in neighborhoods experiencing a high level of gun crimes.  HCG worked with the City to submit an application to this grant program and gathered political support for the funding request. $1.875 million awarded to the City of Cincinnati to support 15 new officer positions.  These officers focus on addressing violent crime issues in specific hotspots, enabling more in depth investigations of suspected violent offenders.  The extended visibility will also help deter crime, improve customer service, and build stronger community relationships.

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