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Over the past 12 years as a lobbyist for public higher education, I have passionately advocated for a number of issues, from STEM and research and development, to teacher training and the prevention of childhood obesity. But, I have to say, one of the most exciting...

When you are passionate about a cause, or responsible for an important remit, it is essential that your voice be heard and that you listen for informed opinion. Often, like-minds and those with similar goals will join together and seek to influence an outcome –...

Why it is important to have a lobbyist on your team? Each day our government is making decisions with far reaching implications over your life. Whether you’re a business, an association, or a municipality you have already been affected by these actions: taxes you pay, regulations...

A Business Week article by Bendan Greeley had us debating in the office earlier today about two topics close to our profession: earmarks and their possible role in effective governance. As a political consulting firm, our own clients’ interests are often highly localized, with only a few opportunities to...

After 15 years working with a leading lobbyist firm in DC, I had cut my teeth, proven my value, and created a way of doing things that was unique to me, worked for our projects, and paid dividends to the clients I managed. That solid business practice became...