HCG works with our clients’ congressional delegations to secure funding for transportation priorities through the authorization process and competitive grants. In addition, we have worked to influence essential policy improvements to meet our clients’ needs. Understanding the complex nature of large-scale transportation projects is one of our specialties. We are able to take our knowledge of the federal agencies and experience with the legislative process, to develop specific, concrete funding strategies for large-scale projects.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Streetcar


Ron Hamm and William Hanka have together worked for the City of Cincinnati since 2004. During this time they have successfully helped lead the City to $121.6 million in federal funds and public/private partnerships to spur economic development.  For example, starting in 2010, we worked with the City to create a funding strategy for the initial $148 million, 3.6-mile downtown Cincinnati Streetcar Project, which garnered $45,178,278 in federal funds.

City of Memphis, Tennessee – Main Street to Main Street Multimodal Connector


Ron Hamm and his strategic partner, Leslie Mozingo of Strategics, worked with City officials on an advocacy strategy and securing congressional support for the City’s TIGER grant application that resulted in an award of $14.9 million for the project.  We also worked with the congressional delegation and Department of Transportation to secure a meeting with the U.S. DOT Secretary for the City and County Mayors to brief the Secretary on the project, which creates a low-cost transportation option for the local community, and enhances mobility that boost opportunities for local economic development.   Existing infrastructure is being brought into a state of good repair and access has been improved for citizens with disabilities with the federal and local investments.  Finally, the Main Street to Main Street Multimodal Connector project provides a safe pathway for bicyclists and pedestrians who previously had no safe options for crossing the Mississippi River. The TIGER grant is being combined with matching investments from Memphis, West Memphis, the surrounding counties, the states of Tennessee and Arkansas, and private entities.

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